Warsaw - Budapest Night Train

Warsaw - Budapest Night Train

Warsaw 3- Budapest Night Train - Detailed Guide With Photos + Tips & Tricks

Europe's night trains are experiencing a renaissance, and the Central European lines are no exception. 

The post-Covid times have brought high inflation and the end of cheap flying. What used to cost 25 euros can easily be thrice as much, and that's still without luggage.

At the same time, the EU fights to decrease the prices of trains, make new connections throughout the European continent, and make it easier to book international tickets. Because let's face it, the biggest struggle is finding train connections between European cities and understanding what exactly you are getting for your money.

It's not clear what the train looks like. Most of the time, you cannot select your seat or bed and see the layout and photos of the interiors. 

While I won't have a solution for the abovementioned problem, I provide a detailed guide - including photos - of why booking a sleeper between Warsaw (Kraków) and Budapest is worth booking.

Connections between Budapest and Warsaw

What are the options for traveling between these two capital cities?


FlixBus runs a couple of buses daily. The trip takes at least 11:15 hours, and the bus goes through the shortest route via the Tatra Mountains, stopping in a few cities, including Kraków. 


  • Prices start from around 45 euros
  • Nice views throughout the trip, thanks to the big windows
  • There is a toilet on the bus
  • There is no extra fee for your luggage (unless you bring more than one big bag)


  • The ride takes a long time
  • You cannot get up from your seat and have a walk
  • The toilet can become stinky
  • The seats are not comfortable enough to actually do any online work


The most obvious choice would be flying, as three airlines fly between Budapest and Warsaw—Wizz Air and LOT from Chopin Airport, and Ryanair from Modlin Airport. The flight takes only an hour, so it is by far the quickest option.


  • It's fast
  • If you fly in the middle of the week, tickets are affordable


  • You have to get to and from the airports, go through security, and generally waste a lot of time before and after the flight to reach your final destination.
  • Prices used to start from 10 euros, but especially weekend prices are closer to 100, and that's still without a cabin or checked-in luggage.