57 Photos of buddhist

Sitagu International Buddhist Accedamy, Mandalay, Myanmar
Umin Thonze Pagoda
Seated Buddha Statues At The Umin Thonze Pagoda In The Sagaing Hills, Myanmar
Shwe Kyat Yat Pagoda Shrine Statue
Boats On The Irrawaddy River And Buddhist Monasteries And Pagodas In Sagaing, Myanmar
Flip Flops Of Buddhist Monks In Mandalay
Life Of A Buddhist Monky At A Monastery In Myanmar
Mass Tourism At A Buddhist Monastery In Mandalay, Myanmar
Buddhist Kid In Mandalay, Burma
Bongeunsa Temple Grounds In The Gangnam District Of Seoul
Senso-ji. Asakusa Tokyo Japan
Temple In Korea During Snowfall
Todaiji Temple In The Fall In Nara, Japan.
Temple In Korea During Snowfall
Bamboo Grove At Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan
Bamboo Grove At Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan
Wat Samathi Pagoda And The Jungle Hills Of Kep, Cambodia
Bayon Khmer Temple In Angkor
Buddhist Temple At Royal Palace Above The Tents Of The Night Market In Luang Prabang
Buddhist Monk With An Umbrella At Magha Puja Celebration In Muang Ngoi, Laos