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Gawdawpalin Temple In The Ancient City Of Bagan
Hot Air Balloon Ride Above The Ancient City Of Bagan
Indian Street Food In Mandalay, Burma
Yangon Residential Blocks
The Colorful Architecture Of Yangon, Burma
Busy Street In Yangon, Burma
Wide Open Concrete Road In Yangon, Myanmar
Yangon Former High Court Colonial-era Building Built In 1911
Maha Bandula Park And The Yangon City Hall Building
Street Life In Yangon, Burma
Yangon Bus Ride
Yangon Residential Building's Balcony Falling Into Despair
General Aung San Park With The Shwedagon Pagoda In The Background In Yangon
Kandawgyi Natural Garden City Park In Yangon, Burma
Yangon's Residential Buildings With Parabolic Antennas
Rich Meets The Poor In Yangon, Myanmar
Street Dog's Life In Yangon
Burmese Street Food In Yangon
Yangon Poor Housing
Yangon City Park